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Тестирование по английскому языку - Этап 1

Ann speaks English, but ___________.

Do you draw or sing?

Dan’s behind Kate. Kate’s ____________ Dan.

Monday is the first day.

“Whose is this house?” - “It’s __________.”

"Are the bicycles in the garage?" - "No, there ____________ in the garage."

Susan’s a girl ____________ long hair.

What time ____ dinner?

Her father will come at 8 o’clock ___________________.

Nancy works in a shop and _________________.

What is your cousin?

What ______________ on Saturday?

They told __________________ next week.

My youngest daughter ___________ late for school.

Have you ever been to Scotland?

‘Shall I get anything for you at the shop?’ ‘Yes, ______________ oranges.’

_________ clever idea!

______________ to get rich.

How’s John’s sister?

Why have you _________ to me?

Last Sunday _____________ thousands of people on the beach.

‘In the future scientists ________________ a lot of money’, his parents said.

I passed my exams but it was a long time __________ my friends about it.

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